Rain Poncho in a Ball

Rain Poncho in a Ball

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Don't fear the forecast! These rainy day poncho balls are here and ready to keep you dry!

Compact and lightweight, the ingenious design will have you grabbing a dozen. Each poncho is inside of a plastic ball. It has a handy clip on it that allows you to fasten it to bags, backpacks, purses, belts and more.

Each compact 2 1/2" diameter twist-open ball conveniently stores an adult sized poncho.

When the rain hits, just open it up and unfold the poncho. When the rain stops, fold it up and replace it back into the ball. I will admit, putting it back in is a bit of a challenge, but it can be done with minimal effort.

- Adult, on-size-fits most hooded poncho for unexpected downpours
- Conveniently compact container
- Waterproof poncho with hood is packed within the ball
- Hook/clip attachment is included and hooks onto to any bag, backpack, purse, belt and more
- Great for camping, sporting events, a golf bag, keeping in the car, amusement parks, the zoo and more
Poncho Refills Available HERE

These are a must if you're planning on spending anytime outdoor. Don't pay those last minute high prices at the amusement parks... just clip this onto your bag and you'll always be ready.

The low price makes it affordable to stock up.