Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy - Value 2PK

Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy - Value 2PK

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The Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy easily cleans all the stubborn places where dust and allergens like to hide. And now you get 2 in a special double value pack! It's like getting 2 for the price of 1.

The Best Vacuum Attachment for Small, Hard to Reach Places

Simply attach it to the accessory hose of any vacuum and you're ready to go. All those spots you either hated to dust or just plain ignored are now within easy reach. For people with allergies, this is a game-changer.

You don't even need to move delicate objects. The specially designed suction tubes provide maximum vacuum force while they gently move around things like jewelry, books, electronics, and more.

Every day you'll find new things to dust. Give it a try on lampshades, silk plants, blinds, curtains, and drawers, you'll be amazed at how much dust and debris comes out.

It's also great for cleaning inside your car. All of those little nooks and crannies like your cup holders, vents, and between your seats finally can get the attention they deserve.

Note: This version does not fit well with Dyson brand vacuums


- Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy
- Gets Into Nooks And Crannies
- Flex Tubes Dust Around Objects
- Great For Delicate Items
- Easily Dust All The Places You Usually Ignore
- Cleans Vents, Between Seats, Keyboards, And Much More
- Works With Any Vacuum
- Helps Eliminate Stubborn Allergins
- Maintains Powerful Suction
- Dimensions: 18 Inches Long
- You Get TWO (2) Dust Daddy Attachments in a Box