Loop Relax Your Back Massager

Loop Relax Your Back Massager

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When your back hurts it can affect your whole well-being. There are so many "remedies" on the market but most don't work.

Break The Cycle Of Back Pain

Taking time to "relax your back" is a great way to alleviate back pain.

With Loop, enjoy self-massage sessions to release tensions and muscles in your back for relief of pain.

While lumbar tensions affect about 80% of the world population and it is difficult to get rid effectively. With the Loop technology, eliminate muscle knots and relax your back in just 10 minutes.

This self massage accessory is patented and developed by health experts.
It adapts to any back area for optimum wellness.

The Proven Accessory For ENTIRE Back Pain Relief

The Loop doesn't just work on your lumbar like so many back pain devices available. No this patented device, designed by medical professionals, has multiple uses to give relief to your entire back.

Your lumbar will never feel better when you use this. But it also helps your shoulders, cervical, trapezoids and dorsal. Included is a handy guide that shows you where to place the Loop for optimum results and also explains how and why this works.

It's All About The "Nubs"!

Unlike similar products, this has two bands of bumpy "nubs". These are designed to "dig in" to trigger points in the muscles, helping to release knots and tension quickly and more effectively.


Designed By Medical Professionals
Targeted Auto Massage For Each Back Area (Lumbar, Shoulders, Cervical, Trapezoids, and Dorsal)
Proven Patented Design
Includes Handy How-To Guide For Maximum Effectiveness
Portable, 8 inches long x 4.5 inches wide
Great For Road Trips and Long Plane Rides
Use At Home or While You Work
2 Bands of "Nubs" That Aid In Circulation and Improving "Trigger Points"
Super Low Price, Limited Supply, WILL SELL OUT
Comes in various colors, no choice available
Limit of 3 Per Order